2021/2022 Race Series Registration

If you prefere to register by mail, you can view, print or download the registration form here.
Mail in Registration Form 2021/2122

 Personal Information
  Name: First
  Nick Name:        
City/State/Zip: Phone:
  eMail: Cell:
  Date of Birth:          Male   Female

(If racer is under 18)

 In case of Emergency, contact . . .



   Area     Phone
  Relationship (optional)

 Requested Race Class & Club Information
If you are unsure of which class to register for, check the "Class Definition" page or the Rules book.  If you are still unsure - someone will help you the day of the race.
   Women / Juniors / Snowboarders

  CMSC Ski Club

Your winning race points will be awarded to the club you select.

all include a lycra Bib and Points ($30 value)  

Dec. 10
& before


Dec 11
& after

Full Series Package
all 14 races   $150.00   $200.00
8 Race Package Mix any 8 races   $110.00   $130.00
Full Single Event Package GS
all 7 GS   $90.00   $120.00
Full Single Event Package SL
all 7 GS   $90.00   $120.00
6 Race Package
Mix any 6 races   $80.00   $110.00
3 Race Package
Mix any 3 races   $60.00   $80.00
"Junior" Racers
      (skiers/snowboarders under 12)
select any of the GS races   FREE   FREE
Individual Races no lycra bib or points   $20.00   $20.00
Point Registration & Lycra Bib only           (no races)   $30.00   $30.00
  Individual Race - Online registration   $20.00   per race
  Individual Race - On Hill registration   $25.00   per race

Registrations must reach us no later than Wednesday (by midnight)
prior to the race weekend you are registering for.


All Payments are NON refundable and DO NOT include Lift Tickets.