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Mississippi Valley Ski Club  
Type: Ski Trip
Includes:  � Skiing     � Snowboarding     � X­Country     � Dining    
Description:  Keystone/breckenridge

Club Contact Dates & Cost
Name: Jerry Skalak
Phone: 563-210-3322

When: Start: 03/19/2023   End: 03/25/2023
Price: $675.00
Number of nights: 6
Area/Resort Lodging & Transportation
Destination: Keyston & Breckenridge
City: Dillon
Region: US - West
Lodging Name: Best Western Ptarmigan Lodge
Lodging Type: � Lodge  
Transportation: � Personal Car   

This is a" you drive it trip". The trip cost is for Lodging only. You will need an EPIC pass
for lifts.. The Hotel has a full breakfast every morning. For more info contact Jerry